Dean Spires

By Chance Brown

Lancaster High School’s newest member Mr. Spires has been teaching in the Lancaster area for many years and is gladly welcomed as new dean of students.

Mr. Spires taught at Tallmadge elementary and South elementary school for many years before being asked to become dean of students at Lancaster High School. He accepted under one condition.

Spires was also a wrestling coach for the high school. Becoming a dean at the high school is hard for Spires because it required that he forfeit his job as the wrestling coach.

Giving up the job was hard for Spires but he has found new joy in connecting with students at Lancaster High School. He finds that making these connections is more rewarding than he could have imagined.

Spires considers the best part about being a dean at the high school is being able to talk to the many students at the school. He also works with the students to find solutions to their problems.

Spires was welcomed by the teachers and staff and was humbled to be one of them. Lancaster High School’s staff welcomed him into their family.

Preparation for this job was hard on Spires as he had to quit his coaching position on the wrestling team. For four years he had to prepare to connect with the student body at Lancaster High School.

Spires’s plan for the future of Lancaster High School and the graduating classes to come is being able to problem solve with technology. Lancaster High School is blessed to have a bright, young, and driven dean like Mr. Spires.

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