Lancaster High School Hosts First Blood Drive of the Year

By Owyn Howard

Red Cross will be conducting a blood drive at Lancaster High School on September 23rd. All students eligible are invited to come contribute to the life-changing cause.

Donating blood is a great cause that can help countless people. Blood transfusions are used in hospitals on a daily basis; many people’s lives depend on the donation of blood. Every single ounce of blood given will be put to use.

Blood drives also serve the purpose of bringing people together. On September 23rd, Lancaster High School will come together as a school to help the community. Literally shedding blood alongside fellow students truly brings the community together in a unique way.

“I think the blood drive will be absolutely awesome for our school. Donating blood is a great cause that can save lives,” said sophomore, Savannah Foster.

Many people expect to be given blood when medical complications arise, but few people actually take the time to donate. This is a problem that cannot be overlooked.

If the use of blood by hospitals is more than the amount of blood given by donors, then the people who critically need blood will have none. By keeping your blood to yourself, who are you helping?

“If I have the ability to help save someone’s life, then I am going to donate. It is as simple as that,” said junior, Noah Raddatz.

If you are able to donate, then donate. It is for a life-changing cause.

Your blood could be the factor that saves someone’s life.

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