Blue Jackets Finally Starting to Heat Up

By Jacob Williams

For the majority of their short time as a franchise, the Columbus Blue Jackets have been the laughingstock of the National Hockey League. But with their recent performance, they’ve showed fans that they can win more than one game in a row.

Perhaps an even stranger fact is that the Jackets were named the NHL’s hottest team with a five game win streak and a new franchise record of an 8 game point streak. Anything past a one game win streak was a miracle in the past but things are looking up for this mostly young team.

Coaching, last year’s disgrace of a season was widely contributed to the poor coaching skills and bad attitude of the Jacket’s past head coach, Scott Armiel.

But with Todd Richards their new head coach, the whole team is getting along and actually playing like a team and winning games despite the laundry list of injuries that is plaguing the team.

The most outstanding part of their team right now is the recently acquired goaltender, Sergei Bobrovsky. Last years’ Jeff Carter trade to the Flyers proved to be a wise decision in an attempt to have goalie that can stop more than 10 shots a game.

Before their overtime loss to Vancouver on Tuesday, Bobrovsky lead the jackets to a five game win streak including a pair of weekend victories against Detroit and on Saturday’s affair, Bob solidified his first career shutout in a 3-0 victory over the Red Wings.

“I am absolutely astounded by the Jackets recent performance, they’re starting to actually look like a real professional hockey team,” said Nick Williams.

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