Despite Cold Weather Many Lancaster Students Still Choose Shorts

By Emily Matheney

During the winter it can be really cold outside, but why do girls insist on wearing short shorts when they could be wearing jeans?

When it’s about 20 degrees outside and girls are wearing shorts it makes you think aren’t you freezing and don’t you know that it is the middle of winter?

“They think it is cool to do, but then they complain that it is too cold outside,” Kelly Sparkman, a sophomore at Lancaster High School said.

Maybe as it gets closer to spring as it slowly gets warmer it will be bit better to wear shorts than it is during the winter season.

Winter is defined by being the coldest season of the year in the northern hemisphere from December to February. Also, an adjective of winter is the word cold.

“They do not realize how cold it is but they do it because they think it is warm outside enough,” Leann Poole, sophomore at Lancaster High School said.

As the winter months continue, hopefully people will check the weather and know what is appropriate and what isn’t appropriate to wear for the day.

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